Low-Maintenance House Plants

Sigh. I buried my $200 Banana tree a few months back, and this new Majesty Palm seems to be following the same path to its end. It appears that my green thumb needs some work, but i'm realizing even more that I need to invest in low-maintenance house plants that can withstand the shifts in temperature of New York City. My fellow city dwellers can surely understand - one day it's 95 degrees and unbearably humid, and the next it's raining, windy, and cold. The temperature and air quality in my apartment takes on the same shifts as the outdoors, and I've learned my lesson the hard way that not all plants can equally survive. 

Since purely aesthetics have gotten me to two dying trees, I've recently started researching low-maintenance house plants that can withstand the rollercoaster temperature shifts of New York City. I'm really liking the six plants below and am leaning towards getting a few to fill my apartment. Though they're not lush Fig trees or a blooming Birds of Paradises, they're still quite beautiful. I can picture their uniqueness finding a place in my studio apartment. 


1. Snake Plant

Photo via:  Decoholic

Photo via: Decoholic

2. Yucca

Photo via: mycityplants.com

Photo via: mycityplants.com

3. Rubber Plant

4. Dracaena

Photo via:  Brit & Co

Photo via: Brit & Co

5. Succulents: I love this macrame plant hanger!

Photo via:  Zinc Door

Photo via: Zinc Door

6. Aloe

Photo via:  Design Sponge

Photo via: Design Sponge